Thursday, July 8, 2010

its WAS L.O.V.E war!! ♥ ♥ ♥

1st thng first..i wud lke to thx all of my blog`s fllowers. especially you! (xyh tu korg la..ngee)
saya..saya..hppy. korg hppy? ngee. smlm yibi dan syg gadow lahgi. aiyok~ aiyok~..

nk cite sal yibi..~~~~~~~~and his shweetneshh! cnt wait to c him dis cming weeknd syg!
//its a L.O.V.E war!! ♥ ♥ ♥ but its still LOVE kn ebi?

harus clear out sme doubt yg ade ASAP!! xtually all dis doubt has been cleared out by ebi slalu..da byk kali aku tny. but his pst keep haunting me. sppsly hauntng him! tp aku plk yg sesibuks. *sigh* i allwys ask him bout his pst. his ex-gfs. i noe its not rite for a gf utk tny sme ni. but ebi alwys have wys to stisfy me wth his ans.

..i wnder.. if ever his pst love wntd him bck, will he leave me for her? as fr as i can rmmber..die pnh jwb tak. but b'cz of my infriority cmplx, yela. im nt beautiful fatty ugly duckling wut so ever sh*t, hrusla i asik t'pk. he is my best friend (em?) my soul mate.. my life. n i have nvr felt dis with anyone 4fore, and neither has he..

freezee** jap ebi sms!

da. nk b'sms lk.
below are sme tot dat i found on net on how to kp ourslf +ve!
hve +ve tot on ur bf/gf ohkeyh? ayuh!
. He doesn't think about the other girls he's been with anymore than I think of the other guys I've been with.
. He wasn't in love with either of the two girls (oppssy), although he did like them a lot and have a "strong connection" teett. I am the only person he's had friendship, love(hope so..) and sexual intimacy with?<-ni xde kne ngene..

nk gi wat kje?

p/s: Dear //deleted,


  1. bace post ni..tetibe teringat lagu under the surface song - marit larsen. ( Chaiyyuk!Positive thinking. Nway, all the best in whtever u do..may u'll be well & happy always \(^0^)/

  2. thx ila! hpe u 2 wll be sccss n wishing u a successful life with hppinss and peace.

    i miss wrking wif u guys kat ESDS.. ;(

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  4. desnt wsh to rceive dis knd of cmmnt 4rm u.k