Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yabedabedu. rumah kami.

alhamdulillah. me and abg SAdo..ngee (find your own defination fr this) officially moved out from rumah sewa masingmasing and starts our journey as husband and wife. *WINK*

we moved to seputeh. i dnt remember prcisely when -but if im not mistken dalam end of march mcm tu. tah out of nowhere.. ade UM kuarters offer letter received. alhamdulillah. RM420 per month for such an amazing house. and yah. its partly furnish. i am so thnkful ya Allah. i hve no question on Your plan.

our plan b4 marriage were to jst move out to our rumah sunway, besides all the lawyer thinggy n stuffs yg mcm took forever nak settle.. alhamdulillah. so there was change in plan. we r going to rent out the sunway house. we dont expect much tho. its more thn great just cvr up monthly pymnt and ada satu property. #soundsoktome. semoga Allah terus kurniakan rahmat dan rezekiNya kepada kami suami isteri. #mohondoanya #semogaplanenciksuamiberjaya

and... yup. ini every morning view tht i have to hadap besides my cute abg SAdo face!
#ohabgsado #hallomrsunshine

Friday, May 23, 2014

office homestyler.

one website which allow us to create or design our own interior decorations online! phew. im amazed on how fast is the technology chnge. during my time mse study dlu hny ada maya. ada 3d max. ada flash. technlgy hve mde studnts nowdys learn evrythings in sch an easy way. btw. im dsgning the interior decration fr our nu ofc yeay. inbefre, nobdy askd me to do the design. ya. its just me who do it jst to avoid doing my realjob. #sweetescape

Friday, May 2, 2014

video editing skill tahap tokkura

setelah almost ten years tinggalkan video editing.. inilah hasilnya....
pls set the quality to HD.

sesape berminat blh lah ye cntact shayer. ;p

checklist pending video: 
1. our wedding video at bbys site! azizul did a very good job. HD.. editing hebat.
nanti shayer upload. sy tgh buang yg terbygkn sana sini. ngee

2. family vacayyyytionnn to Medannn. weee.
this vacay meants a lot to us. baby bought the ticket lepas i beli. seperately yokeyyy.
eventho mse tu we are not even in relationship. ishish.. syg btl bby kt syayerrr. duk ngusya katenye.

p/s: saya syg baby saya. sgt!!
oh yah. saya dah gemok sgt. whahaha.alhamdulillah kinting bagi cukup makan yedak.
bagi yang nk ngutuk tu..silakanlah. jangan lupa bagi isteri cukup makan wokey?