Friday, July 23, 2010

dear you.

do you remember..
..the gud aldays whre we used 2 sing our song 2gether..
while me wtching you plyin ur guitar..
with sparkle in ur eyes.

do you still remember?
how we used 2 spent our nite,
by jst lookin at each other.. wif love in heart. you remember syg
when we lost our way.. we still b on each others` side
laughin hppyly on our foolness?

the sad fact is..
none of it mean a thng 2 you syg
u used to say dat we r one..
..but u leaving me..
jst me! fighting so hard 2 b lved by you
dis love has throw us aprt.
all the intentions n time u give
to the thngs dat u cre so much the uncertainty..
continuously risking our love.

i wonder how..
u always hve enough time to mke other people fall in love with you..
..but u dun ever have time to pay attention 2 the one who already does.

i will always remember syg
each time the clock knocked on the midnite sky..
..takin me to you.
the old you..
na-ah. all the time i wll alwys rmmber..
..the hurt and love u caused.

//stranger by the day

p.s: i wll not delete ths post. :D:D


  1. salam fatin hazirah bte zainol.. tak perlulah sy kenalkn diri sy.. sy x kenal siapa orang yg awk maksudkan di sini.. tapi saya yakin bahawa org itu mencintai dan menyayangi awk seadanya. and he's having a hard time forgettin u. mgkin awk patut lebih bersyukur sewaktu dia ada bersama awak.. awk patut perjuangkn segalanya sebelum terlambat. tapi ada berita baik, jangan risau, sesungguh nya jodoh itu di tangan tuhan. and Dia x pernah memungkiri janjiNya.. mgkin orang yg awk syg tu kini sedang menjauhkn diri dari awk, untuk kebaikan awk sendiri.. orang yg awk syg itu telah meletakkan sesorang sbagai penghalang utk bersama dgn awk smula.. life must go on.. teruskan lah kehidupan.. sy yakin orang itu telah berusaha bersungguh2 utk hbgun dia dgn awk, cuma ianya tak menjadi.. salam..