Sunday, September 25, 2011 ayahda saya.

Where do i begin? about 2 hours time ill be leaving my sweet pamperd life and continue with the sad reality ive been livin in the past few days.perli2..ejek2..oh well... im not really care about others anymre.i hve mre imprtnt things to be taken cre of..jst b prfssional n do ur job.out of all the chllges dat im facing rite now..the mst challnging is leaving my dad facing his sickness on his own..byk sgguh dugaan yg menimpa at the same time.but i hope dat evrythng wll be jst fine..

As i was crying lying on his stomach td..i was thinking..whthr ive been a gud daughter of him or not?as the youngest child..i do spnd mst of my time with him.but now,ihve to leave him when i am mst needed.aku brsyukur sbb Tuhan pelihara ayah dr more serious dcises..

ya Allah.aku mohon pertolongnMu ya Allah..sembuhkn lah penyakit ayahku.berilah dia kekuatan utk mnghadpi dugaanMu ini ya Rabbi..ill do anythng fer him.

.im thnkful to God as ive been given a chance to pamperd him..the momnt he asked me to potong kuku dia is the most touching momnt ever.he rarely ask for dat momnt i felt like i am ready to dedicate my whole life takin care of heart ws greatly warmed with joy.Hes the most undrstnding prson in the whole world.even balkish noes dat his wan zainol is funneyh..he is the mst calm..penyabar..intllignt..n too much undrstnding n cnsidration to others..n kind sgt..fer sure.

My mom is 57 this year..and the gap between them is 11 years.then ya..due to dat fact..this momnt i think is the momnt where i shud be stying rite bside him..hmm. My dad is my hero..he is too hndsome to get married early.hehe.they get married when he was 35 yearsold. Hes been running all his life.lari dari anak2 murid permpuan..lari dr kene pksa kawen..lari dr cntinuing his degree in USM..comel kn dia..i wish i have more and more time to t8cre of him..insyaAllah.and it seems so hard to find someone dat can love my fther the way i do..he is hppy with his life now.his small as a daughthr..i really wish to see him plying wif my in my luxurious house.
I wll nvr leave this opprtunity walk pasthru me going to wrk hard and make my parent proud!if u dun wnna get old andz broke..and u feel intrstd in invsting in govrnmnt approved trust fund kindly pls cntact me dirctly on my mobile at *********.

Im so ****ing serious in making dis hppnt..and ill be doin this just bcause of my prnt
Semoga Allah menolong hambaNya yg dhaif dan serba kekurangan ini.amin-

p/s: bdk2 seat sbelah ni mintak pnmpar nk tdoq dia duk aloalo comelnye.dem.sehuduh huduh aku..aku x kn prasan comelnye lah.shush


  1. bertuah ayah kau dapat anak mcm kau. btw org sebelah kau comel tak? haha

  2. Heee..blh la.aku xska lk ckp org abg2askar jek.ngee XDXDXD

  3. sakit itu nikmat.. tak percaya?.. kalu kita tak sakit.. kita tak akan berehat.. btl tak.. so itu le hikmahnye sakit... moga kita dapat berehat dan tika ini le lidah kita akan berzikir dan mengingati ALLAH dengan penuh khusyuk....

    sakit itu penawar dosa.... dosa yg kita tak perasan.....