Friday, September 12, 2014

dia suamiku. bukan 7 suami.

sekejap je. its almost a year we hve been married. its 1.36 am. i can't sleep. the truth is.. i'm missing him. so much.
..wearing his shirt.. amik bau die..tryin to put myself to sleep.. and now i realize how much i miss him. how i x boleh tido bila he's not by my side.

dia. everythng strts making sense now. knapa i agreed to get marry to him.. syukur kpd Allah. sebaikbaik perancang.
tak blh imagine someone yg blh sabar dgn prangai buruk i more thn he did.
..kemaskn laptop i.. mcm kmskn beg anak..
surprise me. hntar flower bouquet while he is in his site in hutan tekai.
make me most of the time..
..wlpn some might say dia x hnsem. x comel. but fr me.. he is such a cutie! the way he act.. gaya dia.. mcm baby. oh how i love him.

i hope one fine day, bila kami da tua.. entry ni blh buat dia trsenym. eh nope. buat kami trsenyum. :)

he went to hutan tekai this afternoon.
mak dan ayah are on their europe trip! halah. rindu. semoga selamat semuanya.

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