Saturday, January 19, 2013

cinta bukit gantang.

2.20 am, bus brtolak dr bkt gantang
aftr got bck frm wrk td, i felt like blk kdh.the main reason is because kak kt rmh sorg.n me too.jst feel like spending the weekend wif her.sisters day out.sounds great kn fr 2 single ladies.mak ayah da sonok dah kt pokbara hopefully.they hve been spnding a lot of time togther since mak pncen.pnuh da vacation schedule derang fr nk cane,my sister n i cnnot give them something dt they really wanted.

espeacialy ayah.i igt lg..
ade kt one wedding ni kiterang attnd.ayah got a chance to talk to the brides'father(dia pny ustaz fren.) mase tu kt kete.i ngn kakju kt dlm..dgn tingkp trbukak. believe it or not,ayah actually sort of mngadu kt kwn dia yg both of his daughters(sapa lg klo bkn me n my sistr) tak "lepas" lg. it almost brought me to tears. mm i feel vry sry fr him.i cannot believe dat ayah actually said dat. n the fnny prt was ayah x realised dat we were actually listening to the cnversation he had. as he entered the car, me n my sister strtd teasing him.. n of course..die gelak2 comel je..n trkejut2 bila kiterangckp kiterang dgr dia ckp.comel!aish..

erm.y y y me no kawen?ok.i ada kawentophobia.boleh?huh.

..i dunno wut else shud i do.its nt like i xph try.i tried n even nw im stll trying..but the guy iive dated still r not quite the rite guy fr me.its not like im choosy or wutsoevershit, i jst nded "somthing" dat can guarentee that the relationship i hve wif him will last tired of shortperiod relationship. seriously.n to be frank, i nvr had a relationship which dat hve last more than a year!!! yup.sad fact kn!???

mm im really not a choosy prson.i xkisah.biase2 je.even the guy i recently dated pun my exroomate said x ensem.hidung same kmbng ngn i accrding to my offcemate.but im ok wif it.who wll ever give a dem care on the physical of a guyyy?i pn x cntik..i sedar diri.n he is jst fine!jujur.dia ok.good fmly im jst prticular on the attitude of a prson.not mch of the attitude, mcm ape loving,caring sme tu kot.
..i like to be taken care like a smallchild.the person shud prioritise me more thn everythng but not his parent la of course.i pn fhm agama.if this is the case..i cn only imagine i wll gt married with bapak budak je la gamaknye .
mm.kdng2 byk experience ni wtkn i jd sorg gf yg agak cntrol.bkn byk experience la,mcm i byk dgr cite2 sal curang ni sme.lg lmelg i tkut.bkn cntrol aw.u guys judge scene ni k,scene ni ade dlm mvie i rcntly watched.jst to relate to wut i takutkn sgt.ok.
scene tu cmni:
the bf.kena aniaya dgn ayah gf die.his gf was away at dat momnt.ayah si gf,upah a girl suh goda dat guy.mse goda tu, bf tu ade another staff lalu jauh..n strts taking their pic.pic tu nmpk cm dua2 rela sbnrnye x.the bf dun even care utk bgtau gf dia sal tu.n it hppnt dat..ayah gf tu tnjuk pic tu kt si gf without the bf knowing.haa!

ok.if lets say, bf tu kaki repot.repot kt gf dia ckp ada girl try to seduce him..ngadu2 n cite sume2.. then hppnt pstu ayah gf tnjuk pic tu kt gf dia.haaaa......thing will nvr b the same kn.or at least gf die da aware sal tu.whther she wnts to believe her bf or not..tu da cita lain.yg pnting gf dia xde la ngamokkk kn?even klo gf dia kental sgt pn,rasional sgt pn...dia akn tetap curiga n sakit hati kn?y nk adakn jurang klo blh elakkn?
so!!! wahai encik2 bf2 skalian.xslh jd kaki repot sikit..klo xnk hilang ur gf la.tu pun if u really syg ur gf.klo x syg..ape yg u buat pn sme akanjd i rite?

wua i am actually sakitprut td.i mkn detox tea n tetiba ngejut gatal nk blk kedah dgn bus rasakan la.



  1. huhu,,, sabaq sabaq cek fatein,, renung renungkan , dan selamat beramal... semoga bahagia shelalu... :)