Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Im so dem xcited about this fact.the truth is ive blcked him since like..after the “meluat tgk muka kau yg cm agak bodoh tu” period.haha pastu after I enter stage “lantak kau lah nak jadi apa pun..aku ada kwn lain yg lagi ensem..haha”..i pun unblckd la si x-bestfren.tuptup today..tgh syiok2 i browsed thru my profile pic..i accidently saw the previous cmmnts cmmnted by him and noticed that ive bein blockd.hikhik.cam best nyaaa ~^^

ngee.saja je sbnrnya xdak nu entry dah lama sgt blog ni.bwsan kan?? My cntracts here in um has been renewd for 2 more years.alhamdulillah.so im gonna be seeing muke x bape pandai tu and his gf slalulah! meluat kot.and the gf alwys like nak tegur2 me..sry im not dat frenly..bila dah benci kt bf u..ngan semua2 gf dia yang lain pun akan dibenci.siyesly I dun hate u gf..but I really hate lelaki yang bukan LELAKI.jadi lelaki..biar jadi LELAKI kan.sry..u wasn’t man enuf to be my fren.sakit mata, sakit hati nasihat nak jd baik xnak hikut.pastu stock jenis wat bodoh.tu lagi tatahan mak nak..

Tula kn..some people come into our lives and go.some will stay for a while and leave lotsa memories.some scks..some sweet or maybe bitter.but hey..this is life kan.life is a learning process.we meet a lot of people.some you might not want to think about them again..but as u live..ull realize some people might only wnna b fren with you..i mean only you.ayah u kne cancer ke..u kna undergo operation ke..die x kn kesah.this "some people" might left you once they find you hard..or something bad happn to you and your family.i will never find this kind of peeps pleasant n nak buat kwn.wut do you think?

and yah..sometime u will have to start thinking on y the other person before you..left the person who is now your fren.people will not just leave people just like that..i mean.klo u dah kawin..takkan u just simply tinggalkn your husband kalau ur husband tu x terok sgt aite?tahlah kn..dh termasuk hal rumah tangga plk ni..i biar dato fazilah kamsah je lah ckp bab marriage.hehe.but this is trueee.as fer example..klo org tu jenis ignorant..and jenis wat bodoh..by the time you sakit..or u need him..do u think he will be there fer you?nak wat kwn ke org camni?i wd rather not to.responsibilities 2rwds dia pnya family sendiri pun tunggang langgang.. tanggungjwb nafkah anak family pun lintang pukang.ee..eww..xpe lah.ape pun x boleh~

so..bye.aim goinout fer lunch!lapaq!kthxbye.


  1. bukan seme orang suka kat kita.... dan bukan seme orang kita suka... huhuhuhu