Wednesday, October 5, 2011

escaping reality.

"fatin..your mind is not here.." said negin.
suprised me: y'd u said so?
negin: "maybe u r thinking about your plan after this..maybe something.."
me: oh.. or maybe someone?.. «spontanious answer. o_O
((( you think every question has the answer to it?ya..maybe.but wut if the question coming from a person?do you think that the answer will actually be "the answer"?will the answer be the same if u ask the same question next two weeks to the same person?

Wut do u think?
Oklah.last nite i met my other bestfren.well ya..i have plenty of sahabat.he really make me realise that we can't always have the RIGHT answer to our question.this is somehow true.for example:
"kenapa dia nk talk behind my back.kenapa dia sanggup cakap mcm tu kt aku ha?isn't she is one of my best fren?" love situation:
"nape die wat aku mcm ni?nape die sanggup tgglkn aku..setelah aku berkorban ohh??"
Well..this is wut happen if your mind take control of ur body.take the power of control dat sppose to be done by AKAL.this emotions are generated by the heart.but..believe it or not...we can actually talk to our heart.

This is freakin new fer me.evry human being wants to be happy rite?but where do u think this hppinss will cme from?
The person you love?
Your BFF?
Or maybe your family?

None of it is correct.the feeling is from Allah.He who created us..created happiness.all you hve to is ask from Him. :-)

So..heart..stop asking y!people change.your gf/bf/bff/offcmate/even family might give u happinss today..and break your heart in less than a minute.
Its not our job to look for happiness.its a gift from Allah.
We have to stop "instructing" Him.put wut we've requested from Him.oh.come on..He is the creater.He knows wuts the best fer you. :-)

So negin syg.ive been thinking on this..ok dak?evaluating a slave of Allah.
and one more thing..ive been saying that i nk lelaki beriman as my hsbnd.looking bck at myslf.. would lelaki beriman wll b hppy to hve me as their wife? Aurat pn x smpurna ttup.
Ya..Allah akan bg yg sama mcm kita.because of this jugaklah saya bergduh ngn bestfren semalam.yerla..niat da ade..nk pkai jubah pas klo ps kawen suami x bg pkai jubah?sbb dia trbiasa tgk awk yg x smpurna ttp aurat?(ni yg di kata kn sama dgn same ngn awk yg dulu.bkn yg nk berubah) sekufu x?
So..klo nak ubah..ubah sekarang!! *bunyi cengkerik*

Jadi? :-)
Jd..i will be needing sometime alone..hehe.dan igtlah..
Sempurnakah kita untuk slalu mngejar kesempurnaan? :O..apa sy ngarut ni? o_O

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