Thursday, February 3, 2011

lamanya, eh da 2011(?)

It hs been quite sometimes since last time i blogd.almst forgotten my usernme n psswrd for google acc.DENG!! mans physicl appearnc n intelignlity seems not attractive as they were b4.(eh tetiba?)whoaaa.. enuf of dis.mari bercerita tntang cuti2 malaysia lak; --cercite, cercite.. Last month cn b called as a month of jimba2.jimba?apa tu?em! thre r no such word as jimba worries.ull hve some idea of wut it is 2wards the end of dis entry.hee herm.finally me and my fmily got a chnce to spnt sometime 2gether.bukit merah, and Thailand r the chnces tht can rarely b expricned by us.huhu.msing2 bz ngalahkn menteri*huh* nafaz kurnia.ent pn Alhamdulillah..but we nvr had a chnce to sit and futher discss on how to imprve our service those who r readin dis entry, pls pray for our success okies?!ngee :D.xtually im not quite in the mood fer bloggin.jst tryin to enjoy the wrkin envrnment wif only 3 colleagues.gila bosan.can wait 4 2mrrow!may Allah hlp me to archive wut i’ve always wnted to archive..whch is to mke my parents hppy.*muke solehah* haha peaceout! assalamualaikum. EHH..tup2 terjmpa plk somthng i wrote in word format.paste jugak lah! *berbunge* it suppose to b the continuation from the previous entry i guess!hehe. ;">

..leads to me pampered myself well enuf. Went to Singapore vacayyyytion while gaining kilos and kilos “lemak” (*sigh) ..but it was tiredly fun of cos! It is quite intrsting as the vacay involved 2 ‘org makcik’ who nvr been to sngapore and dun noe anybody there. Haaa… sangat mengarrrut. Lots of money spent on taxi’s ride kami da malas mahu susah2 pk cari tren. Lalalala. But their tren(MRT) services is practically efficient. The signboard wooaa.. imagine, kt kastam Singapore kami tidak sesat..n kat kastam johor tercari2 the way out and kt mana leh dptkn taxi? Duhhhh.

The most intrsting prt was of coz the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!! Wawawa..quarter a day was not enuf makcik rusputih. Not enuf!! Wawawa. Reach there at about 3pm and went to gelang serai untuk bertiduran at 10 camtu. There are too many things to look eat.. to see.. to photograph. Haish2. 4 me, the best part out of all the shows and rides was the shrek4D and the Mumies nye rollercoaster(wlopn makcik rus je yg naik. Saya takot) sggt nieh. The entry fees is 70SDollar(about RM170) centu.for 1 day..which is worth it la. Cuma try not to buy a lot of thiggys and souvenirs je. Tp nk wat camna..mmg mngujakan la tgk brg2 dia.

(..haaa tetibe abes camtu je.gile!)

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