Tuesday, March 1, 2011

haaaaaaa(?!) novel(?)

..tetiba i have a feelin on writing a novel. aceywah. i remember 1 of my fren back in school who love to write stories?ke..mcm novel la kot on paper. hoho. thn it become like some kind of trend to do so. kami semua akan meminjam2 kertas itu.. hg amik bwk balik 3 keping, sok aku lak baca 3 keping hg..esok dia tulih lg 2 keping,...pinjam lg 2.

Decision made. (..where i got it when i was in the toilet just now,;p;p) i decided to write on a character who hve same characteristic as i am.. pendek kata i will put my self as the main charcter whos facing all the problematic situations. ive been influenced most probably from the news i read in newspaper everyday. keruntuhan akhlak/women exploitations. hate seeing those teenagers nowadays who are proud to commit sins.. the way they treat their parents..ish. i wish theres something i can do to make them realize that kita hidup kerana Allah, and everything we do semua kerana Allah. and if i hve somthing to ask from HIM, the only reason will be because of my parent..i dont want them to be sad or disappointed of me.

ahh! novel sgt. lihat aja nnt--:D:D:D:

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